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Listed below are some of the most common quesions about eee-mercials.

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  How does it Work?
You send the eee-mercial to your email list and the recipient watches the eee-mercial video right on their computer. It’s an attention-getting way to tell your story.
Remember the 3 e’s of eee-mercials: Effective, Efficient and Economical.
At the heart of the eee-mercial is the VideoForWebsites custom player. The player can be customized with logos & branding, email & web links, text, colors, and lots of options.

Am I emailing a huge video file?
No. The email just contains an internet link to the eee-mercial video. The video streams from our video optimized servers. When the recipient clicks the email link, the customized player opens in a new window, and the eee-mercial video begins playing in seconds.

  Does it work?
Please visit the SAMPLES page to see for yourself.
We spent five years perfecting the VideoForWebsites custom player. The player tests the recipients’s computer and internet connection then delivers the appropriate video format. Nothing gets installed on their computer, the technology simply detects which applications are already installed and sends the most efficient video file.
While we can’t guarantee 100% success, we acheive consistently excellent results.
In rare instances, firewalls and other internet security systems -- especially in the corporate workplace -- will not allow any videos to play from the internet, including eee-mercials.

What does it cost?
When compared to direct mail, radio or newspaper advertising and TV commercials, the eee-mercial is a bargain! The eee-mercial is directly targeted to the intended audience, it is exciting and unique, it gets watched and it gets results.

There are two parts of an eee-mercial: Production of the video message, and the online streaming technology. Because every eee-mercial is sent to different audiences, and the video message is completely custom-made, there are no set package prices. Production cost varies depending on the time required to videotape and edit the message (including script-writing, videography--either on-location or in-studio--editing, graphics, music, animation, actors/models, etc.). The streaming technology is priced based on the size of the intended audience. Behind-the-scenes tracking keeps count of the number of views to let you know your message is being seen.


Who gets my eee-mercial?
The eee-mercial is sent to your email list. It arrives as a regular email with you or your company as the sender. You can add as much text as necessary in the subject line and in the body of the email, but keep it brief and let the eee-mercial speak for itself. Recipients can also forward the eee-mercial to others for even more exposure.

  Do you provide the email list?
No. You send the eee-mercial to people who already know you. With the proliferation of spam and mass emailing, spam blockers have been designed to reject a message that is sent by a ‘stranger’. Because the recipient already knows you, the message gets through and the eee-mercial gets watched.

Can you sell me an email list?
We are not list brokers. There are a huge variety of vendors who will gladly sell you access to their email lists. If you’d like a recommendation, please contact us.

The real question is why haven’t you built an email list yourself??? It is very easy to capture the email address of every contact, customer and prospect, and then communicate with them regularly. Of course, an eee-mercial is the perfect message to send!

  I already have a video, can I use that as an eee-mercial?
The answer is a definite ‘maybe’. There are some guidelines that we recommend for eee-mercials regarding length, content, style, quality, etc. We will gladly review your existing video and let you know quickly if it qualifies as an eee-mercial. In some cases we will recommend revisions, re-edits or other simple improvements that will make it work.
  How do I get started?
The first step is to contact us. We will ask you some simple questions about the purpose and goals of your eee-mercial. We’ll determine a timeline for delivery and let you know the price right up front. Please send an email to get the process started.